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FISHEYE CONSULTING provides consulting services to improve the social and economic performance of fisheries

The city of Brest in Finistère is the beating heart of France's nautical legacy. From world class research institutions to the production of the most succulent seafood, from the vibrant maritime community to the desolate beauty of its natural environment, FISHEYE CONSULTING is proud to call Brest home.


I, Alexander Ford, work as a freelance consultant - under the moniker FISHEYE CONSULTING - which allows me to engage in a varied range of topics and issues within fisheries and seafood. 

Over the past several years I have conducted research, managed small projects, and audited fisheries against environmental and Human Rights standards. I also advise on and contribute to various working groups on issues relating to small-scale fisheries. Lastly, and when the opportunity arises, i work at the local fish auction or as a fisheries observer.


For more information about the above I encourage you to explore this website further or contact me directly.



English, French, and Italian


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